• Cara

April 22nd

Happy Earth Day

We cleaned up some trash, read a few books (Magic School Bus Climate Change, Earth, the Lorax) and I steered some conversations towards some of the issues facing our Earth. We enjoyed the earth outdoors all morning, and appreciated her beauty and her bounty. Mostly I feel I owe them an apology for the abysmal state of affairs my generation and those before mine are leaving them. I'm glad they never asked how picking up some trash is actually going to do anything useful for the earth, but it's symbolic.

I hope everyone makes it back to school next week. It seems like at least one kid has been missing every day for quite a while now.

In peace and health, have a wonderful weekend.

also, by my calculations (which may not be necessarily strictly accurate), Lincoln has grown 1.75 inches since school started, Miele and Beatrix 2.14, and Clara 2.625. Wow. If Clara continues to grow at this rate, she will be a little over 13 feet tall by the time she is 25. (If my calculations are correct).

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