• Cara

April 10th

Today I set up 10 challenges. The girls set about conquering the challenges while the boys followed their own muses. At times they helped. Throughout the day, they completed the first eight. Half of the ninth. And the pictures tell the story of the rest. It sure is more fun at Rivendell with kids!

Challenge #1: Complete the 100 piece dog puzzle

Challenge #2: Complete the shape puzzles (I had dumped all the pieces together)

Challenge #3: Perform a puppet show with an audience of at least 3

Challenge #4 Find 9 stuffed dogs hidden around the room

Challenge #5: Set up a fancy tea party for properly attired animals/babies as guests

Challenge #6: Make a recognizable design on the magnet board

Challenge #7: Make something with magna tiles taller than yourself

Challenge #8: Complete a beaded necklace

Challenge #9: Make a straw structure that reaches the ceiling

Challenge #10: Make an amazing card for your amazing mother

There was also the bizarre incident of the fish in the toilet. Delilah noticed that there was a live guppy swimming around in the toilet. Hope could that happen? It's a mystery......

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